Boat Trips

Boats stops on the little dock of the famous Volcano, where we will walk towards the top of the island. While walking, our experienced guide talks about the intense volcanic activity of the last 3000 years! We will step on the newest volcanic island of Eastern Mediterranean and we will see large pieces of magma. The crater still seems active, as hot fumes are released in many points.

Heading to the Hot Springs, where we will make a 50-minute stop for a healing swimming in the suplhur springs of the volcano. Another major proof of the strong volcanic activity still today, Hot Springs have beneficial effects against rheumatisms, arthritis and other diseases.

Among the short boat trips, the Volcano & Hot Springs trip is the perfect choice for those who don't want to spend too much time. Within only 3 hours, we experience one of the most violent Volcanoes of the world and also swim at its Hot Springs!


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