Our Jam

Our Guests ask us to tell them our recipe for the home made orange Jam that we included to our Breakfast. 


5 medium sized oranges
1 kilo sugar
1 glass of water


We wash the oranges and lightly rub them in the grater so that we control their very bitter flavour. Then in a saucepan with water we boil them almost for one hour (until they soften). We pour the water and we leave the oranges to get cold so that we can chop them. We cut them in four pieces and then smaller .We put the cut oranges in the saucepan adding 1 kilo sugar and a glass of water. In medium fire we boil our material for one hour and after it gets cold, we are ready to enjoy our sweet orange.
Try it as a simple sweet or on bread as jam, on tart or on cake or even with white yoghurt. In any way it is delicious.

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