Rice pudding-Rizogalo

You will need:

90g uncooked short-grain rice
500ml water
500ml fresh milk (full or low fat)
125ml fresh milk 
4 tablespoons sugar (even less)
4 tablespoons corn-floor
1 teaspoon vanilla aromatic powder
Ground cinnamon to garnish
Ground fresh orange for flavour
To a large saucepan we add the rice with the water and we place it to over high heat. We bring it to the boil and then immediately we lower heat to medium-low. With the saucepan uncovered we stir occasionally until most of the water has been absorbed and the rice is soft (time of boiling around 30minutes). We add the 500ml milk and the sugar. We raise heat to high. While the mixture comes to the boil, we mix together 125ml of milk with the corn-floor. The milk must be medium heated (no hot, no cold)
Once rice and milk boils we add the mixture of milk with corn-floor and we stir all the mixture very good. Then we add the vanilla and the orange and we stir well the mixture again to combine. Then, we remove it from heat and we serve it to individual small dishes (ramekins). We sprinkle with cinnamon and our rice pudding is ready. You can enjoy it warm (as soon as it is ready) or cold (from your fridge). In any way enjoy it…
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