Wine tasting

Santorini has been famous for its wines  and its special vinification methods. Cultivated in the oldest vineyard all over the world and affected by the unique micro climate and volcanic terroir, Santorini wines (Asirtiko, Vinsanto and others) are considered by the sommeliers as “real treasures”

The tour starts from the point you will select (from your hotel or any other point) and we head towards the Koutsogiannopoulos Wine Museum, which is located in the road to Kamari beach, very close to Messaria village. It is located 8m underground; tunnels of 300 meters long are full of rare and authentic machinery used in the years 1660 to 1970. The life of typical wine producer of those times is represented by life-size puppets dressed with old Santorinian clothes and placed all around our journey. At the end, we try their wines in the special tasting area. (Hint : Don't miss the fantastic “Kamaritis” wine).

We continue our tour driving south to Boutari Winery in Megalochori. Having 4 wineries all over Greece (Naousa, Goumenisa, Crete and Santorini) and being one of the most significant Greek producers, Boutari's aim has always been to promote the Greek wine culture. Following this principle, Boutari opened its winery in Santorini in 1989 and played major role in the viticultural development of the island.
We see the winery’s facilities and then have a wine tasting. Boutari’s oenologists have excellent knowledge of wine and its role in the society nowadays. They are the right persons to answer all your questions!

In the same village, we visit Gavalas Vineyard, which is the smallest winery of our tour, but probably one of the most authentic in Santorini. Gavalas family has been engaged in wine making since the end of 19th century. Cultivating grapes in their privately-owned vineyards, George Gavalas produces quality wines and also explores the potential of rare and indigenous varieties. The result of this effort is the white wine “Katsano”, which you should not miss! Apart from the winery, you can also visit the village of Megalochori, which is one of the best preserved traditional settlements of the island and features typical Cycladic architecture.

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